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Look around your life and see what inspires you or brings you down. Evaluate how you perceive your world.The mind is an extremely powerful tool. People who have had to endure extraordinarily difficult lives have risen above circumstance, taken control of their minds, and were happy inside regardless of outer circumstance. You can do this, and it does not require you to change anything in your life (career, mate, lifestyle, etc). It only requires that you change your attitude and approach towards living.

To have great days, realize that no matter what happens, you can control how you respond. If you make the decision to dealwith all the events in your life, big or small, traumatic or trivial,devastating or disappointing, in a positive way, you will be stronger emotionally. Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. Decide that you are going to be joyful in all situations. Keep your hands on the steering wheel of your life.

See change as an adventure. One of the key ways to generate motivation from within is to believe that you can win by choosing what you can do right now. Eat more healthy foods containing fiber, take a high-potency multi-vitamin, maintain a muscle-building/fat-burning exercise regime. But don’t force yourself to change too much, too soon. Creating a life of increased sustainable energy requires developing a lifestyle that nurtures and enhances vital energy overtime. See each day as an opportunity to give yourself a fresh beginning. Let go of the previous day’s baggage and begin anew.

When you are facing a major change, recall a past success. Take five minutes to reflect on how you pulled through other stressful situations: your last breakup, your new job, the death of a family member. This can help you reconnect with your resilient side. In the moment, it may feel as though you will never get over your present problem; but when you look back, you realize that you felt similarly before, and found ways to overcome it.

Stretch your mind. Build the image of radiant health, balance, fulfillment, and total well-being. See yourself with the body, energy, the health, and lifestyle of your dreams. Take this image and describe it in the present tense on a 3″ x 5″ index card. Carry this card and read it aloud to yourself with enthusiasm and passion. Truly embody what you are reading; see yourself in the image, be that person, realize your dreams.

Put Some Fun in Your Life. Enjoying life is more than just making a lot of money, buying new cars, or big houses. Enjoying life is also spending time with your family and having simple fun. Rent some funny movies and watch them with friends or your family. Read some jokes and the comics, and laugh out loud. Laughter is good medicine!

Enrich your life with kindness, good, and prompt service. Always strive to put yourself in other people’s shoes before you pass judgment. Show appreciation to your child when he or she gets a good grade on a paper. Be willing to listen to someone even if you are not that interested. Give up your place in line to someone who seems rushed.

Hit the pool at the gym. You will beat the heat and squelch stress: A new Swedish study published in the International Journal of Stress Management found that floating in water triggers the body’s relaxation response and helps lower stress-hormone levels. Nearly 80 percent of the subjects showed improvements such as feeling less tense and depressed.

Take a therapeutic water bath to clean your skin. Water can also help your body eliminate pesticides, other drugs, and environmental chemicals from your body. We also know from personal experience that water is not just for cleansing, but for helping us to feel better.

Before bed, do a yoga stretch in your pajamas. A simple spinal twist can help you get a better night’s sleep. It alleviates tension built up in your lower back during the day. Sitting on your bed with legs crossed, place your right hand down on the bed behind you and rest your left hand on your right knee. Sit up straight and inhale, lengthening your spine as you breathe. On your exhale, begin to twist toward your right hand. Hold this position, lengthening your spine on the inhales and deepening your twist on the exhales. Repeat on opposite side.


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