The Enzymes

Amylase – Breaks down long chain carbohydrates (starch) – Cellular energy

Protease – Breaks down and digests protein needed for muscle repair

Cellulase – Breaks down cellulose (fiber) pre-biotic, lowers cholesterol

Lactase – Breaks down and digests milk sugar

Lipase – Breaks down fats into absorbable form for energy and nerves

Invertase – Breaks down sugars into disaccharides needed for energy

Glucoamylase– Breaks down starch-dextrin into glucose needed for energy

Bromelain – Protoletic enzyme group needed to digest proteins

Papain– Soothing effect on stomach, aids in fat, carbohydrates and protein digestion

The Enzyme Catalysts and Digestives

Calcium Lysinate – Needed for activation of certain enzymes like Lipase, calms stomach

Potassium Aspartate – Lower cholesterol, glucose intolerance, constipation, diarrhea

Magnesium Aspartate – Vital catalyst in enzyme activity-energy production

Manganese Gluconate – Needed for protein and fat metabolism & transportation to cells

B-3 Niacinamide – Needed for HCL production and metabolism of fats, protein & carbs

B-5 Pantothenic Acid – Converts FAT, carbs & protein into cellular energy. Used for Wt. Loss

Zinc Monomethionine – Needed for protein synthesis 7 collagen formation

Alfalfa herb – Contains vit. K for blood as well as being beneficial to digestive tract

Split Cell Chlorella – Prevents platelet aggregation (sticky cells) contains RNA for cell repair

Rutin – Prevents inflammation caused by food allergies in the digestive tract

Kelp – Helps change digestion from acid to alkaline for better digestion

Fennel Seed – Natural digestive good for bloating, gas and digestion

Dulse – Helps activate energy production, contains all minerals found in the sea

Curcuminoids(turmeric 10:1 ext.) – Aids digestion-bile production, liver health

Blessed Thistlestimulates stomach secretions, heals the liver anti-inflammatory, cleanses the blood

Ginger Root – Calming and soothing to the stomach and digestive tract