allergy.flowerAccording to conventional western medicine, a food allergy is the result of the body’s immune system’s misdirected reaction to food substances , mostly proteins. Wheat is one of the most common food allergies. While the wheat allergen may appear to be the root cause of your runny nose, we believe that when allergies appear, the body is communicating its struggle to cope with both its internal and external environment. We also see allergies as the sum effect of past abuse to the digestive system due to poor diet, use of drugs, chronic constipation, an unhealthy lifestyle, toxins in the foods we eat and the environment or prolonged emotional stress. Over time these factors overwhelm the body’s protective mechanisms and set the stage for allergic reactions to take place.

The accumulation of toxins, parasites and Candida may cause allergy symptoms such as; bad breath, bloating, frequent infections, headaches, dull eyes, aching muscles, joint pains and depression. sitting in an impacted bowel, along with the presence of parasites and Candida.This condition can set in motion more dangerous and potentially fatal health situations, like colon cancer. We also believe that the overgrowth of candida yeast in the intestines is responsible for a yeast syndrome called candida albicans, resulting in similar symptoms to those of a wheat allergy-such as fatigue, headache, mood swings, sinus congestion, depression, poor memory and concentration, and cravings for sweets.

Detoxologie’s RESIST contains an effective and powerful combination of Grapeseed extract, Pau d’Arco, black walnut hull, ginger and 6 other herbs that specifically target Candida Overgrowth while promoting healthy flora balance.

Internal body cleansing equals preventative health care.

Current scientific studies show that over 50% of our immune system is in our colon. If this is true, a clean, well functioning colon is imperative to good health. Toxins leave the body by way of body fluids: sweat, mucus, urine, and feces. When someone has allergies, their body produces extra fluids- such as watery eyes and runny nose so as to actually rid itself of toxic waste. When the colon and vital organs are bogged down and impacted with toxic waste, allergy symptoms increase and reek havoc on our bodies and everyday life.

Conventional medical treatment for allergies normally consists of antihistamines, steroids and shots, which can work reasonable well to cover up the symptoms but do nothing to address the underlying causes.Our holistic approach is to bring the digestive process back to a healthy normal state by cleansing the colon and liver and by minimizing toxic input to the body. Another important step is to avoid the substances that can trigger allergic responses such as – sugar, wheat, dairy products, chocolate, corn, eggs, peanuts, pollen, dust, mold, smoke, chemical pollutants and food additives. You can strengthen your body’s immune and defense system by cleansing your internal organs on a regular basis and eating a healthy diet and exercising.



“I love starting my day with CLEAR. I’m not constipated anymore, my cholesterol is where it should be and I’m not suffering from miserable allergies anymore. It’s amazing, I started cleansing with your products two years ago when I was 63 years old and after the first 60 days on the program and using RESIST I didn’t have the itchy and watery eyes like I use to…For the first time in years I was free from the misery! My wife is happy that we can go on long bike rides without me having an allergy attack. I have more energy and mental clarity than I have in years. I owe this all to Detoxologie products. I’m addicted! Your Men’s Support, Breathe, Fortify, Vitalize…I’ve tried them all and they’re great! I’m 65 and I feel fantastic!” – Pete W. Rhode Island


“For the first time in my life I’m happy with my skin. – I’ve had low self esteem and avoided social functions out of shame that people would stare at my bad complexion. After 60 days on the program I’m already seeing a noticeable improvement. My skin is clearing up and already feels smoother. I also don’t have strong body odor anymore and my allergies seem to have disappeared – what a great plus! Healthier skin, cleaner insides and no more suffering from allergies. I’m sticking with the program for awhile longer…I can’t wait to see more positive effects.” – Joanie S – Florida