natural_detoxificationA proper diet will control candida and re-balance the colon. This typically takes 6 – 8 weeks. Here are some general guidelines for your new diet:

(1) Avoid added sugars (including fructose, honey, molasses, fruit-juice sweeteners, etc.) and all sugar-sweet foods and snacks, including cakes, cookies, candies, desserts, sodas, fruit-juice and ice-cream, unless they are made with Stevia extract, which is a natural sweetener, available at health food stores. 1-2 servings of whole-fruits per day (except the very sweetest kinds, like grapes, watermelon and mango) are okay.

(2) Avoid white-starch foods, like white bread, cakes, cookies, white pasta, white rice, potatoes w/o their skins, and all refined flours, etc These foods are okay in moderation; Whole-grain flour, potatoes with their peels, whole-grain brown or wild rice, whole-grain pasta.

(3) Increase your intake of essential oils, especially omega-3 oils. These include: Fish oils, and oily fish, like salmon, mackerel, tuna-in-oil, sardines-in-oil, etc.; Flax-seed oil, one tablespoon or three capsules twice daily. Avocadoes, nuts, olives and olive-oil, canola and other vegetable oils are mostly omega-6, which are also good but not as lacking in our diets. Primrose or Borage oil is good too. Any of these oils can be used as a substitute for canola or olive oil, on breads and salads.

(4) Avoid antibiotics and cortisone-type prescriptions if at all possible.

Enjoy these foods also; Onions and garlic, fresh vegetables and their juices (beware of carrot juice it contains a lot of sugar)rice cakes, oat cakes (unmalted),soy milks, butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, (no other dairy). Herbs, mild spices, freshly cracked nuts, seeds, fresh water, fruit and herb teas cold pressed oils brown rice and flours, use for cakes and pastry etc. oats (oatmeal makes an excellent breakfast , make with water and serve with nuts, seeds and yogurt. Meats, unprocessed and preferably organic or free-range. Fish, preferably unprocessed and wild, oily fish is best! Eggs, lentils, peas and beans.

Candida overgrowth is a terrible problem and it takes discipline and time to overcome. It may be a trying 6 to 8 weeks but once the Candida is under control you will feel much better. Please feel free to contact us for tips, recipes and any other questions or concerns you may have.

Much luck and happy cleansing!


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