Blessed Thistle, also known as blessed thistle, holy thistle, spotted thistle and St. Benedict’s thistle (Cnicus benedictus) has been used throughout the centuries to treata variety of illnesses and infections. Native to the Mediterranean region of Western Europe and parts of North America. During the 14th century monks used blessed thistle to treat bubonic plague. Not to be confused with milk thistle.

Health benefits of blessed thistle are:

  • Cleanses and purifies the blood
  • Liver cleanser
  • Stimulates stomach secretions
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Used to treat colds, fevers and bacterial infections
  • Promotes production of breast milk in new mothers
  • Applied to skin to treat boils, ulcers and wounds
  • Promotes the flow of urine
  • Used to treat diarrhea
  • Aids in preventing cancer

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  • Absorb