Papaya Leaf – aids digestion, contains papain: protein digestive enzyme aids in protein metabolism helps with indigestion and heartburn and inflammatory bowl disorder (IBS)

Artichoke Leaf – digestive aid, liver tonic to help use fats for energy, lowers cholesterol and helps with stagnant liver, promotes circulation, contains both sodium and potassium in proper balance, diuretic,

Flax Seed – contains linoleic & linolenic essential fatty acids and gla’s which help lower cholesterol, improve colon function, and protect the cardio- vascular system

Milk Thistle Seed – liver rejuvenator and protectant against hepatotoxicity, stimulates the production of new liver cells, protects the kidneys and boosts immunes

Turmeric – liver tonic, stimulates blood flow, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, anti-fungal properties, antioxidant properties, helps prevent platelet aggregation

Dandelion Root – cleanses the blood, liver tonic, stimulates bile production, rich in minerals, reduces uric acid, lowers cholesterol, improves kidneys and pancreas function, laxative, hepatic, liver bitter

Barberry Root Bark – corrects liver functioning, facilitates bile flow, body cleansing agent, contains anti-oxidants, menadione & minerals, acts as mild anti-bacterial

Golden Rodanti-inflammatory urinary antiseptic, used for bladder and kidney stones, helps to diminish mucus secretions, works to relieve congested mucus, antibacterial, calms spasms in urinary tract, calms flatulent colon

Shavegrass – diuretic activity, contains high content of silica which is highly absorbable and is utilized to promote bone growth and collagen formation, useful for gallbladder disorders, gout, muscle cramps, and inflammation

Juniper Berriesdiuretic, helps with bladder and kidney problems, specific for bladder infections, anti-inflammatory relieves congestion, used for help with obesity,

Marshmallow Rootsoothes irritated membranes and tissue, expectorant for lungs and sinuses, also good for kidney problems, bladder infections, digestive upset and intestinal disorders

Pumpkin Seed – contains essential fatty acids, anti-parasitical, mild laxative, diuretic, high in zinc-helps protect liver from chemical damage, helps remove uric acid,

Parsley Root – diuretic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, relieves gas, helpful with bladder infections, aids kidney function, useful for obesity

Hydrangea Root – helps cleanse the kidneys, acts as a diuretic, used for kidney disorders and bladder infections, helpful for kidney stones.

Yellow Dock Rootgeneral tonic, improves liver and colon function, acts as a blood purifier and cleanser, used in cases of liver disease, anemia and to treat skin disorders such as eczema