black.coupleColon cleansing and body detoxification is the cornerstone of health and well-being. In order for the body to efficiently use the nutrients from the supplements and foods we eat, cleansing the accumulated waste and parasites from our colon is crucial. A toxic body results in numerous ailments.

There’s significant public awareness regarding screening for and treating colon cancer. Few Americans are aware of the fact that a colon full of impacted toxic waste is associated with many diseases. It is equally important to detoxify the liver,kidneys, and arteries, as well as every cell in your body. Colon Cleansing and detoxification is the secret to creating optimum health.

Food must be ingested, then digested, and then absorbed. Finally, the waste must be eliminated. If any one of these steps fails, the health of your entire system suffers. Food that is not processed and eliminated in a timely manner lingers in the body creating toxins and causing harm all over the body.

How do I know if I’m eliminating enough waste?

A diet high in fiber (35 grams daily) and raw foods will produce two to three bowel movements per day; a sign of health and regularity. Eliminating waste this often rapidly removes toxins before they become harmful. When a colon works this effectively, nutrition absorption is greatly increased, and the volume of food needed is decreased.

I’m not eliminating enough waste. What do I do first?

Cleansing your colon and vital organs will start you on the path to wellness. A high quality colon cleansing program will take at least 30 days. It may take longer if this is the first time you’ve done a full body cleanse, I’ts very important that the body be allowed to detoxify at it’s own pace. A properly developed colon cleansing program will work with your body, effectively but gentle…being chained to the toilet is not proper cleansing! Colon cleansing programs that promise quick colon cleanse results are laden with harsh bowel stimulants can traumatize the colon and cause great discomfort.

Those of us who are more toxic than others may experience “The Healing Crisis.” which is basically the body reacting to the cleansing program. During this process toxins are released from various organs and are transported out of the body via the colon, bladder, lungs and skin. When the body getoverwhelmed and is unable to keep up with the elimination process you can experience mild side – effects.

Look for organic/wild-crafted ingredients, minimally processed formulations that follow the Good Manufacturing Practices. Products that containfillers orartificialadditives defeats the purpose of the cleanse.

Once cleansed, it is important to not create the same environment again in your body. It is also essential to make cleaning the inside of your body as important as cleaning the outside.

You may think that by simply changing the foods you eat will fix your health issues. While it’s true that replacing bad eating habits with good ones is essential, the solution is to address elimination first. If your body is mal-absorbing food nutrients or you don’t have the digestive enzymes to break food down properly, the sole act of changing your diet won’t be enough. You must cleanse the colon.

The foods you eat have lost much of their nutritional value due to being highly refined, cooked, and over-processed. As a result, people constantly complain of tiredness. To try to create energy, you turn to stimulants such as extra-strong coffee or highly-caffeinated soft drinks and sugary junk food. In the absence of a healthy balanced diet that includes raw foods, fiber and roughage; toxins build up on the intestinal walls. The result is an unclean digestive system.
When your digestive systems are not functioning properly, you experience familiar (but vague) symptoms such as frequent colds, allergies, hay fever, constantly feeling rundown, mental sluggishness, dry rough skin, coated tongue, bad breath, headache, moodiness and irritability that are typically ignored until they develop into more severe illnesses. Feeling sick after eating fatty foods or meals high in refined carbohydrates is a sign of the body’s inability to process food without any obvious signs of organ damage. I have one or more of these symptoms. What do I do?

Reasons to keep the Colon Clean

Colon cancer has become the third most common form of cancer in the United States. Obesity is at an all-time high. Americans are suffering from an alarming number of health issues: irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diverticulitis, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease, just to name a few. There are approximately 45 million pre-diabetics in addition to the 21 million Americans who are currently suffering from diabetes. Recent studies by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) estimate that one out of every three children born in the United States will develop this horrible disease. Diabetes is largely preventable. Let us recognize that obesity is the number one factor in the development of diabetes. Fat-laden, factory-made foods combined with lack of exercise have driven millions of Americans down the path of heart disease and diabetes. Bad eating habits are difficult to change, but not impossible.

Your body is your own responsibility! Learn to be healthy. Ask questions, educate yourself, get a second and perhaps a third opinion. The consequences of neglecting your health may be catastrophic. The inner peace and quality of life that comes with a clean, well-balanced body is worth the effort.