Psyllium Husks – high in fiber, rich in mineral, laxative, hepatic, bitter, encourages peristalsis

Psyllium Seed – increases conversion of cholesterol to bile acids, helps clear colon with roughage

Flax Seed – contains linolenic and linoleic essential fatty acids, lowers cholesterol, fiber for colon health

Irish Moss – corrects liver functioning, facilitates bile flow, aids in formation of stool, nutrient rich

Fennel Seed – relieves abdominal pain, bloating, gas, promotes liver and kidney function

Apple Pectin – binds with fats to reduce absorption, reduces serum cholesterol levels, soluble fiber

Beet Root Fiber – rich source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, help lower cholesterol,

Guar Gum – soluble fiber, reduces triglycerides and LDL, binds with toxins to remove them from colon

Licorice Root – anti-spasmotic, cleanses the colon, anti-inflammatory, good for IBS

Aloe Vera – helps lower cholesterol, coats colon and helps healing, emollient to improve colon function

Fructooligosaccharides (F.O.S.) – prebiotic which helps regenerate good bacteria in the colon

Turkey Rhubarb Root – helps clear the colon, good for constipation, malabsorption, and liver function

Papaya Leaf – contains Papain which aids digestion, good for heart burn, indigestion and IBS

Alfalfa Leaf – fiber which alkalizes and detoxifies the body, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol

Slippery Elm Bark – astringently soothes digestive system, easily assimilated, good for all bowl disorders

Peppermint Leaf – stomach calmative, aids digestion, good for nausea, IBS, indigestion, diarrhea

Uvi Ursi Leaf – diuretic, helps improve function of the liver, pancreas, spleen and small intestine

Butternut Bark – encourages colon action, helps liver function, clears toxins from the colon

Red Raspberry Leaf – astringent, tonic, parturient, nutritive, relaxes intestinal spasms,

Black Cohosh Root – prevents cramping, lowers cholesterol levels,

Cinnamon Bark – anti-parasitical, reduces blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides

Ginger Root – calms stomach, cleanses colon, reduces spasms and cramps, protects liver and stomach