colon_cleansing“I’m sending you an update on my progress, I have now finished taking your cleansing kit for 90 days and I have to tell you what a life changing experience it has been. I have never purchased any product or experienced a company that has changed my life like Detoxologie has. Getting a return phone call from a real professional within the hour EVERY TIME has been incredible. The disgusting and gross blobs that I have spent the last few months passing out of my system have really opened my eyes to my internal health. I will never go more than 4 months without using your cleansing program. I am hooked on your products and your site information is incredible! I used to have a rash on my inner right thigh that has totally disappeared. My complexion is so much clearer and my skin has a real healthy glow. Bill really “held my hand” through the cleanse. One call alone was almost an hour! Thanks so much for being there.

I really love REVIVE, this bath salt is wonderful! It is so relaxing and it really makes a huge difference with the whole cleanse. I feel more refreshed and energetic when I wake up in the mornings. I have had friends of mine that have tried other popular internet cleansers but they aren’t having the results that I am. I am really impressed with your personal customer service. I have recommended your company to my friends. Thanks for making me feel like I really matter. It has meant a lot to me and helped me throughout the cleanse with confidence that I would not have had without your support.”

– Paul