We could have picked any area of complementary medicine or herbal supplementation to work in so why did we start with detoxification?

When you consider that millions of Americans suffer from arthritis, migraine headaches, obesity, allergies, acid reflux disease, high cholesterol, heart problems, just to name a few, we could have introduced supplements to aid in any or all of these areas. So why did we start with detoxification? We started with detoxification because all of these problems have their roots in toxins and metatoxins and the debilities that result from not having a clean digestive system.

Let us look at the other aspects first. How many people do you know thatcomplainof constantly being tired? Even if they eat what would be considered a good diet they still don’t seem to have much real energy. So they turn to stimulants such as extra strong coffee or highly caffeinated soft drinks followed by sugar filled junk food just to make it thru the day. Could it be that they simply are not absorbing the nutrients from their food because of the toxic build-up on the intestinal wall?

When we don’t keep the digestive system clean and working properly we experience all to familiar but very vague symptoms that we often ignore, or just live with, until they develop into more severe illness. Symptoms such as frequent colds, allergies, hay fever, constantly feeling rundown, mental sluggishness, dry rough skin, coated tongue, bad breath, headache, moodiness and irritability, and feeling sick after eating food containing fats or simple carbohydrates, may indicate a debility of the body’s function and an inability to process food without any obvious indication of organ damage.

When you look at the average American diet of highly refined, over processed foods that are cooked, which finishes destroying any nutrient value, its no wonder that one out of two Americans suffers some form of chronic illness. We firmly believe that the only way we can change this scenario is to place a renewed emphasis on the critical need of maintaining a clean digestive system. We won’t wear dirty clothes, or eat off dirty dishes and we would never go to work with out clean hair and a shower. We keep every thing we can see as clean as possible, but we don’t think about what we can’t see-our own insides. Unfortunately what we can’t see can lead to serious illness or even death if left in an unclean state.

The saving grace is that our quality of life is determined by the choices we make every day, and it is in our power to choose to dramatically improve our own health. Simply by making better choices, and cleaning the results of poor choices, we can dramatically improve ourwell beingand state of health.

Most people want to focus on the foods that we eat but don’t consider that if youaren’tabsorbing the nutrition simply changing your diet won’t have much benefit. You should consider that your food is first ingested then needs to be digested followed by absorption and finally the waste must be eliminated. If any one of these steps fail to work properly the entire system fails.

We start by ingesting a diet low in fiber, high in refined sugar and bad fats, and then we consume overly large portions in a search for nutrition. When our food is over processed and then cooked the food enzymes are killed and we have a hard time digesting our food. When we eat the wrong foods and don’t have the digestive enzymes to break it down it is almost impossible to properly absorb the nutrient. This leads to poor elimination and an improperly working colon. Once this occurs our very health begins to deteriorate. We would suggest that in order to correct this scenario it is more important to address elimination first before you change your diet, the results will be much more dramatic and will lead to improvement faster than any other change.

Most people believe that one stool a day or even every day is normal and regular, but in fact a diet high in fiber and raw food will produce two to three bowel movements per day. When you eliminate waste this often you remove toxins rapidly before thy can become harmful. With a colon working this effectively the ability to absorb nutrition is greatly increased, and the need of such large volumes of food will be decreased. This will then make it easier to make better choices in our diet. By making sure that we have 35 grams of fiber in our diet we begin to make positive changes in our well being.

Most people think that once the colon is clean that should be enough but detoxification should not be limited to the colon. It is just as important to detoxify the liver, kidneys, arteries, and in general, every cell in the body. But the reason that internal cleansing must start with the colon is because if this region is kept unclean, it will infiltrate and there for contaminate every other part of the system.