Why our formulas are best

Many people turn to herbs with new direction and focus. Longevity, quality of life and over all health is of the utmost importance. Detoxologie is committed to helping people achieve this goal. Detoxification and its procedures are not familiar to most. Many are suffering with health issues caused by the heavy burdens that toxins can place on the body and don’t even know it.

Today we live in a society that is illness based instead of wellness based. People have gotten away from the most important part of living a healthy life, taking care of your yourself , getting enough exercise, caring for your emotional health, being aware of where your food comes from, how it is prepared, what’s in it.

We at Detoxologie are committed to helping people get back to a healthier state of body and mind, and maintain it. Our herbal formulas can be integrated into your daily life with ease, enhancing and assisting the body’s own ability to strengthen and balance itself. Thru the supplements we have formulated and the informative topics we discuss, you can feel 100% confident that we have researched and developed the highest quality products available to date always supporting the philosophy of wellness as a way of life. Our processing and manufacturing procedures reflect the philosophies we feel so strongly about.

Our master herbalist and has been formulating and manufacturing herbal supplements for over 35 years. His vast knowledge of the human body, its functions and how herbs can assist in healthy body function is quite extensive. Chinese, Ayduveric, Native American, and European herbal Pharmacology are combined with hands on experience. The formulations that we use are made under his supervision and the strict manufacturing processes he has perfected.

  • Euro-Process Our Euro-Processing technique combines intensive quality control procedures. Reliable suppliers to ensure ingredient integrity, international sourcing through reputable importers and local brokers. Multi-phase ingredient screening and a seven step quality control process ensures purity while each item is being screened, sifted, and milled.
  • Euro-Bonding precision blending. Ingredients which have made it this far are accepted for inclusion in a product formulation. Unlike many botanical companies who simply mill and tablet or encapsulate their supplements. We hand blend at high speeds in small quantities. Producing none of the destructive heat that large blenders do. This process also ensures a more uniform blend of the ingredients used, creating a more precise and pure product to ensure your total satisfaction.

Our products really work! When taken consistently for a period of time, you will see results. Let us help you reach your health goals. Detoxification is the first and most important step you must take to reach any improved state of health.

More energy, a stronger immune system, mental clarity, improved emotional balance an all over improved state of health is just a phone call away. Let us help you help yourself.

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