The fast-food lifestyle we have grown accustomed to has created major health issues for millions of people. America has been nicknamed “the fast-food nation.” The Standard American Diet is commonly referred to as SAD. We are a country of over-eaters who are undernourished. We consume alarming amounts of refined sugars, white flour, dairy products, and hydrogenated oils; yet we are constantly hungry. Our bodies are not getting proper nutrition from the foods we eat. We have traded our health for convenience and instant gratification, turning away from the nutritious foods that are so necessary for a healthy mind and body. A lot of popular foods are fried, over-processed, and substandard in quality. Don’t you find it odd that we do not question where the food ingredients we eat come from? We assume the huge companies and restaurant chains that prepare our favorite foods are looking out for our best interest. We presume that the ingredients are healthy and necessary for our well-being, or we at least think they are not harmful. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. Mass-produced ingredients that are over-processed and chemically enhanced produce substandard foods that are low in the vitamins and nutrients we need to be healthy. Just because it tastes good does not mean it is good for you.