Author: Jean Howe


Most people think that by eating healthy and exercising regularly, they will permanently lose weight and “feel better” that the ultimate benefit of making the proper food choices: eating five fruits and vegetables a day, eliminating sugar and refined carbohydrates, and ingesting high-quality protein will be the elimination of diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer, stress, and low energy. This is what a lot of doctors will tell you. But these “experts” are completely missing the Big Picture.

You see, getting proper nutrition and exercise are indeed steps to preventing chronic disease, obesity, and stress; but these hardly mean that your body will be truly invigorated, disease-free, wholesome, and energy-giving.

The REAL journey to glowing, radiant health is one that begins with a clean digestive system, AND that continues with the ongoing detoxification of the entire organ system within your human body. Your body will not only feel clean and vibrant, plus be free of chronic conditions; but you will also experience enhanced strength, a sharper memory, clearer thinking, powerful productivity, and a sustainable personal energy, beyond what you could every have imagined.

Are you down in the dumps? Five foods to boost your mood:

1.) Beans can play a huge factor in mood swings and can actually help your body regulate blood sugar. No sugar highs and lows.

2.) Green leafy vegetables: Collards, Chard, Spinach, and dandelion greens are rich in folate, a vitamin B that is linked to people with mood disorders. You need vitamin B and folate to help regulate your mood and calm anxiety. Serotonin is one of the “feel good” chemicals that these vitamins produce. B-vitamin deficiencies can make you feel irritable and out-of sorts.If you don’t like them in a salad, try them as a side dish or in soup.

3.) Fish: Halibut, Salmon, and Sardines are rich in the Omega -3’s that have been linked to mood. Even Tuna provides niacin which is an anxiety relieving B-vitamin.Because of mercury concerns, limit your intake to no more than 12 ounces of tuna per week and less if you’re pregnant.

4.) Pasta , a family favorite and a popular menu item. Whole wheat pasta in particular helps the body access tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin. The more tryptophan, the more serotonin. In resent testing, test subjects report feeling happier and more relaxed after dining on this carb. Make sure to practice portion control, no more than a half a cup of cooked pasta will do the trick, about 150 calories and about 74mg of tryptophan.

5.) Nuts and Seeds , Nuts contain varying amount of magnesium, which help to sooth the soul and relax the body. Flax seeds and walnuts are a great choice; both contain not only magnesium but the Omega 3’s.

Deficiencies in the B- vitamins are very common. Fatigue, irritability and mood swings are typical side effects. By choosing to at foods rich in the vitamins and minerals that your body needs you eliminate the need to supplement.

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