“I have suffered with IBS since I was in middle school. It has been a very embarrassing and painfully debilitating disease. I have spent countless days at home and at the doctor and have had painful and humiliating symptoms such as lack of energy, hemorrhoids, bloating and pain in the stomach, the list goes on. After years of my parents begging me to do a cleanse and to change my diet I finally gave in. It has truly been a life changing experience. Everyone around me has noticed the difference, I have more energy, my stomach is flatter and I’m no longer in pain. I don’t dread the bathroom anymore. I now take the Maintain product every morning to help keep me regular and I plan to do that cleanse twice a year. I have also noticed that the supplements that I have been taking all along are now actually working!! I can’t believe that I was so stupid that I let myself suffer for so long especially when my parents were trying to help me. Now I want to share my story with everyone that will listen.”

– Hailey, Phoenix, AZ