A good rule of thumb for a thorough and effective body cleansing is to focus on what your expectations are and your individual health needs. There are various types of cleansing techniques and programs some have been around for centuries, while others are new. The basic core of all cleansing methods is to rid the body of unwanted toxins and impacted waste to improve health, body function by relieving the suffering of various health condition and symptoms. Look closely at your choices and weigh the pros and cons of each and every option you are considering.

  • Colonics, sometimes called colonic irrigation is popular among those who desire instant results but this is not so. You must prepare your body for the colonic at least two weeks ahead of time to loosen any putrefied waste residing in the colon. This involves fasting and taking numerous supplements and a large intake of water, while having daily enemas. Without this prep you are only “cleansing” your colon of your next bowel movement. You also risk damage to the colon wall and exposure to harmful bacteria via the instruments used to administer the colonic
  • Fasting with water, juice or broths is popular for those looking to lose weight fast and cleanse vital organs at a faster pace. This can be an effective way to cleanse if you have the discipline to stay with it for 10 days or more and endure hunger pains, headaches and multiple trips to the toilet on a daily basis. This technique tends to come and go in fad’s and can be very harsh and even damaging on your digestive system.
  • Colon cleansing and natural body detoxification programs comes in a variety of different programs. There are tinctures, fiber drinks and a multitude of formulas to choose fromWhich ones should you stay away from and which one is best for you? It can be very confusing!

What is the best way to choose a colon cleanse?

Avoid harsh or harmful herbs such as wormwood, which is on the FDA watch list. It can cause hallucinations, nausea and mood swings. Natural stimulants such as Senna, magnesium, and Cascara Sagrada are three of the most popular stimulant additives companies use to stimulate the colon. While this is okay to do on occasion, daily use that exceeds 7 days is considered dangerous and it can lead to addiction, these are also on the FDA watch list. Using these stimulants allows manufacturers to cut corners on healthier aggravants (cleansers) and costly herbs that naturally promote the body’s cleansing process. Adding a stimulant gives the customer the idea they are cleansing. A total body cleanse should be effective yet gentle, working with the body and encouraging its own cleansing process not aggressively causing diarrhea, bloating and chaining you to the toilet. Don’t be fooled by products that cause aggressive reactions, most are nothing more than herbal laxatives. A body cleanse encompasses all vital organs and should not cause trauma to the colon or any other vital organs.

Stay clear of products with artificial ingredients and fillers, this defeats the purpose of cleansing doesn’t it?

What to Look for when choosing a colon cleansing program

High quality ingredients that are organic or wild-crafted, customer support from knowledgeable experts not a call center. A complete program that targets all areas of the body; colon, vital organs (liver, kidneys, blood, the skin, etc) as well as providing an effective parasite formula and super green formula for vital nutrients and heavy metal toxin removal. Ongoing wellness support in the form of newsletters, resource centers and up to date articles.

What are you goals when cleansing?

Are you looking for a colon cleanse, an individual parasite cleanse, or vital organ cleanse? Keep in mind that you should always go with a total body cleanse unless you are a frequent cleanser and you are looking to target a certain problem area on occasion. It’s important to always start with a clean colon. Once the passage for elimination is clear then you can focus on other areas of concern, if your colon has not been properly cleansed the toxins released by any vital organ cleanse will not have a proper way out and they will just circulate and continue to settle in your body. So with this in mind always start with a clean colon.

Why choose Detoxologie?

The Detoxologie 30 day cleansing programs and products have been formulated by experts in the body cleansing and naturopathic field with more than 25 years experience. This is all we do and all we have ever done. No harsh stimulants, artificial ingredients and no potentially harmful herbs.We’vedone all the work. We have perfected the art of cleansing and made it easy for people to choose from variety of different programs and products.

We stand by our good name, with our guarantee and personal customer support. We are honest and straight forward with who we are and what we sell. No fake awards just high quality products, 100% authentic testimonials.Body cleansing is the foundation of wellness and preventative health care. Our programs have been formulated to provide you with the most effective results.


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