“My name is Lindsey. I have been an athlete my entire life and growing up with a ballet curriculum, I began supplementing my diet by the age of 10 to ensure I had everything necessary to grow and improve. Over the past year my job has earned me many hours in a chair eating not as good as I should.

I am very health conscious by nature, and I’ve been a practicing vegetarian for nearly 16 years (I’m 26), so I wasn’t as bad as a lot of people would be, but not good by my personal standards. :-) So, to whip myself back into good habits I purchased the 5-part program. I didn’t start it right away because I wanted to be in the proper state of mind for a total detox. I cut all alcohol and pretty much everything unnatural – at least tried to – and now I could be a walking advertisement for the stuff! I want to let you guys know what a difference your products have made in my daily life! I’m a little less put it all out there’ than some of your very satisfied customers, but I want to express how excited I’ve been to pass along this fantastic system of quality supplements.

I’m so thrilled with your line that I’m about to go crazy on your site ordering it all! I love the quality of your supplements! To say the least, I wish I had found these products years ago!”

– Lindsey, Midwest, April 2007