Parasites aren’t just found in third world countries. They are found in epidemic proportions in our water supply and the common foods we eat. We ingest parasites all the time, and they live commonly in our intestines, internal organs and bloodstreams. More people have died from parasites then all the wars combined and recent medical studies at the CDC has estimated that over 95% of people in North America have at least one form of parasite living in their body.

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Parasites are hard to detect and are rarely discovered. To rid your body of parasites you must cleanse your colon. To avoid harming your body, look for a natural cleansing program. Most colon cleansing options can do some serious damage to the walls of your colon.

Parasites may be responsible for health problems

Parasites wreak havoc with our immune systems and health by robbing essential nutrients and secreting toxins in our body. If you find that you are often tired and hungry, you get sick all the time, you have weight loss problems or you suffer from a bowel disorder you may have a parasitic infection. Taking the steps to cleanse your colon of impacted waste and parasites is the most important step to vibrant health.

When your colonisn’tmoving effectively, and you are constipated, this allows the build-up of fecal material and provides the ideal living conditions for parasites to thrive and propagate. They will eat and rob you of the nutrients that are essential to good health.

Control Parasites and Eliminate Them from Your Body

To control parasites and their larvae you need an effective anti-parasitic and you need to support healthy colon function. If you have never cleansed your colon before, you should begin with a complete body cleansing program. An effective cleansing program is essential to remove the impacted waste where parasites live and reproduce.

Our formulas are strong and effective but because we formulate without stimulants and harsh laxatives our products are predictable and gentle on the body.

Meet the doctors that recommend Detoxologie products exclusively to their patients. Dr Hyla Cass and Dr Stephen Barrie are well respected medical professionals and experts in the world of internal body cleansing.

What exactly is a Parasite?

A simple definition of a parasite is “an organism that lives in or on another organism where it obtains the nutrients to live and causes harm to the host”.

There can be over 100 different types of parasites living in or on a human being at one time. Some parasites are harmless and some are lethal. Some are microscopic while others can be seen quite easily with the naked eye. Learn more about parasites.


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