Pau d’ Arco Bark– protects against parasites, anti-fungal, anti-tumor & anti-cancer properties

Barberry Root Bark– corrects liver functioning, body cleansing agent, intestinal stimulant

Black Walnut Hull– tonic, astringent, anti-parasitical, anti-microbial, antifungal

Ginger Root– calms stomach, cleanses colon, reduces spasms and cramps, protects liver and stomach

Fennel Seed– relieves abdominal pain, bloating, gas, promotes liver and kidney function

Slippery Elm Bark– astringently soothes digestive system, easily assimilated, good for all bowl disorders

L-Acidophilus– Pro-Biotic to help maintain the “friendly” bacteria which safeguard the gastrointestinal tract and make the lower intestine slightly acidic, inhibiting the growth of Candida albicans and bad bacteria such as E. coli and clostridia bacteria

Grapefruit Seed Extract – natural antibiotic, kills parasites, alkalizes the body. Helps prevent disease, Used for stomach pains, diarrhea and vaginal yeast infections. Helps heal; jock itch, skin fungus, herpes and thrush. Boosts the immune system. Detoxify’s the body

Goldenseal Root -Boosts the immune system, cleanses and detoxifies major organs in the body, aids lymph circulation, used to treat ear infections, soothes the digestive system. Used to treat colds and flu. Clams the nervous system. Eases menstrual bleeding.Anti-fungal. Balances Candida, kills parasites.

Cleavers Herb – Treats skin disorders; psoriasis, acne, eczema. tonic for the lymphatic system. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral – good for colds and flu. Cleanses the blood. Used to treat urinary tract infections.