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Each bottle contains 120 capsules (30 day supply).

It is estimated that eight out of every ten Americans have one of more parasites in their system. If you are constantly fatigued, have abdominal discomfort, gas or diarrhea there is a good chance you have a parasite infection.

The number of parasite infections is growing and becoming a major concern. The fact is that we don’t know what living organisms are in the water we drink or the food we eat. Given the ease of international travel these days one is never sure what they have been exposed to.

It doesn’t matter what type of parasite you have, single cell organisms, worms or flukes, Purify will supply your body with the best botanicals available to kill parasites and aid in restoring optimal intestinal health.

  • Kills parasites
  • All Natural
  • Expels eggs
  • Expels larvae
  • Helps stop infestation

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This powerful anti-parasitic formula contains the most potent herbs available for eliminating parasties and their larvae from the body. Purify contains Black Walnut Hulls, Pau d’Arco, Yellow Dock Root and Pumpkin seed. Formulated to naturally aid the body in eliminating harmful parasites and their larvae; so effective that 30 to 60 days is sufficient for most people.

  • Superior anti-parasitic. Eliminates parasties quickly and safely
  • Formuated to specifically target parasites
  • Helps stop the cycle of infestation by expelling eggs and hatching larvae
  • Does not contain Wormwood
  • Safe to use for 60 continual days
  • Purify is the smart companion for additional protection while traveling abroad or on a cruise. Don’t let parasites ruin your vacation or business travels


Black Walnut Hull – tonic, astringent, anti-parasitical, anti-microbial, antifungal

Sage Leaf – carminative, anti-microbial, astringent, tonic

Cloves – anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitical, stimulant, carminative

Burdock Root – alternative, diuretic, liver bitter, anti-microbial, antifungal

Barberry Root Bark – corrects liver functioning, body cleansing agent, intestinal stimulant

Pumpkin Seed – mild laxative, diuretic, aids in removing intestinal worms

Pau d’ Arco Bark – protects against parasites, anti-fungal, anti-tumor & anti-cancer properties

Echinacea Angustifolia Root – facilitates responsiveness of immune system, helps clear infection

Wood Betony – bitter, astringent, alterative, used to expel intestinal parasites, improves digestion

Butternut Bark – anathematic, increases manufacture & elimination of bile, mild cleanser

White Oak Bark – remedy for certain infections involving excessive discharge, antiseptic

Sheep Sorrel Herb – vermifuge, intestinal parasites have no resistance to this herb, diuretic action

Yellow Dock Root – restorative influence, removes morbific material possible antibiotic action

Turkey Rhubarb Root – mild stimulatory tonic of alimentary mucous

Purify can be taken up to 3 times daily.

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