Growing public awareness on the importance of colon cleansing and body detoxification has generated quite a stir in the health industry prompting many companies to focus their attention on helping to educate the general public on the importance of cleansing.

Our Polluted Environment

Chances are, you are reading this because you have concerns and questions about toxins and cleansing your body. The modern day lifestyle subjects our body to countless pollutants and toxins on a daily basis. Air pollution, chemicals in drinking water, poor quality food that is over processed, over refined and full of chemicals and preservatives all contribute to toxic build up in the human body. These toxins can cause serious illness and disease and may ultimately lead to death. Having a proper cleansing routine is crucial to everyone’s good health.

Waste elimination is a subject that no one likes to talk about. Some find it embarrassing, a taboo topic that is kept behind closed doors. Unfortunately proper colon care has been forgotten and pushed aside. Waste elimination is incorporated into all of our daily lives. We are constantly cleaning up and throwing out whether it is at home or at the office. We all have an understanding that a clean environment is healthier and more productive. We put aside time on a daily basis to bathe and clean our bodies. How often does the average person take the time to internally cleanse their body? Our very lives depend on the care and treatment of the body we live in. Our health is our most valuable asset. Health is not sold in any store or prescribed by any doctor. Self discipline and effort are crucial in preventative health care but the rewards are well worth the effort.junk food detox

Unhealthy Food Reigns

The fast food lifestyle we have all grown accustomed to has created major health issues for millions of people.Americahas been nick named “the fast food nation”; the standard American diet is referred to as SAD. We are a country of overeaters that are under nourished. We consume alarming amounts of refined sugar, white flour, dairy products and hydrogenated oils, yet we are constantly hungry because our bodies are not getting the proper nutrients from the food we are eating. We have traded our health for convenience and instant gratification turning away from the nutritious foods that are so necessary for a healthy mind and body. A lot of popular foods are fried, over processed foods that are substandard in quality. Don’t you find it odd that we don’t question where the ingredients come from in the food we eat? We assume that the huge companies and restaurants behind all of our favorite foods are looking out for our best interest. We also assume that all the ingredients are healthy and necessary for our well being or at least not harmful. This is unfortunately far from the truth. Mass produced ingredients that are over processed and chemically enhanced produce substandard foods that are low in the vitamins and nutrients we need to be healthy. Just because it tastes good doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Reasons to Keep the Colon Clean

Colon cancer has become the third most common form of cancer in the United States. Obesity is at an all time high. Americans are suffering from an alarming number of health issues. Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diverticulitis, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease just to name a few. There are approximately 45 million prediabetics in addition to the 21 million Americans who are currently suffering from diabetes. Recent studies by the Center of disease control estimates the one out of every three children born in theUnited Stateswill develop this horrible disease. Diabetes is largely preventable. Let’s recognize that obesity is the number one factor in the development of diabetes. The combination of grease laden, factory- made food in combination with lack of exercise has driven millions of Americans down the path of heart disease and diabetes. Bad eating habits are difficult to change but not impossible.

As a whole we seem to be fine with taking a pill and not thinking about it, again assuming that someone else is looking out for our best interest. We live in a world of illness and prescription medication instead of living in a world of wellness and prevention. The television is bombarded with pharmaceutical commercials constant stream of new medication some for illnesses we never knew existed.

Your body is your own responsibility! Don’t put your health and well being in the hands of others. Ask questions, educate yourself, get a second and perhaps a third opinion. Few of us realize the consequences that follow the years of neglect. The peace and quality of life that comes with a clean, well-balanced body is worth all the effort.


Cleansing the bowel is the first and most important step in the body cleansing process. A clean bowel leads to cleaner blood and body tissues. When laden with toxins the blood and tissues in our body cannot run at an optimum level. Along with much needed nutrients, toxins are also deposited over and over again building up all over the body causing numerous health issues. Most, if not all illnesses and disease start with autointoxication (the self poisoning process through the re-absorption of the toxins in the bowel). The slow and constant build up of putrefied waste clogs the passage of elimination raising toxin levels in the body. Auto-intoxication is a byproduct of a faulty bowel function due to an improperly balanced diet. You must cleanse the colon before you can clean any other part of the body. The condition of the bowel is key to your state of health, vitality and well-being.

When the plumbing in your house gets clogged you have an immediate problem and you call in a professional. What happens when you are clogged? How many days do you wait until you think you have a problem? In the mean time what is happening to all the toxins that are building up in your colon? Constipation is only one of many signs that your colon is not functioning properly.

Some of the symptoms that can arise from auto-intoxication: Bloating, abdominal cramps, nausea, sinus problems,hypo-tension, hypertension, diarrhea, acne, insomnia, boils, arthritis, fatigue, melancholy, Sinus, clammy skin, bad breath, hemorrhoids, leg pains, kidney disorders, bladder infections, body order, allergies, digestive disorders.

This is only some of the problems that can arise from auto-intoxication. This is not to say that every symptom or illness is caused by auto-intoxication but merely an example of how often bowel problems are the root of problem. Once again, it’s obvious that preventing serious illness and disease comes down to dietary choices and proper body maintenance.

Consuming the foods that we in the health industry have been talking about for years, natural foods found in nature, such as whole grains, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits and healthy oils. Listen to what your body is saying. Supplement whennecessaryand always think about keeping your body clean. Educating yourself and implementing healthy habits will help you to achieve the higher degree of health.

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