From ancient times to modern day, body cleansing has been one of the most important factors in maintaining good health. The human body is always in a state of self-cleansing; the liver, kidney, and colon rely on a healthy diet for the vital nutrition required to carry out their processes.

Lack of sleep, anxiety, poor diet, excessive medication, and lack of exercise can weaken or disrupt the delicate balance of internal cleansing. The average diet is full of over-processed, over-cooked foods that are seriously lacking in nutritional value and containing surprising amounts of saturated fats, sodium, and chemical additives. All of these are major contributing factors to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, and are the leading causes of colon disorders in the world. “Toxic overload” occurs when toxins from chemical food preservatives, pesticides, and medications are not promptly removed from one’s system. Toxins are broken down and stored in the liver and kidneys, and recycled through the bloodstream. As the body begins to suffer, and “toxic overload” is ignored, various health related conditions begin to appear.

As “toxic overload” overwhelms the body, putrefied waste and mucoid plaque form on the walls of the intestines. Keeping the blood clean and pure becomes harder and harder as the colon slows from the invasion of toxins. When the colon becomes impacted or weakened, the normal channels of elimination cease to function. Getting nutrition from the foods you eat becomes a difficult task as more and more toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream. This continuous process of toxin absorption and storage is a disastrous combination.

How can colon cleansing promote successful bodily function? Why is it necessary? While results and improvements may vary from person to person, some of the more common results are weight loss, improved skin condition, and an increase in energy. You may also see relief from conditions such as constipation, IBS, bloating, chronic diarrhea, and diverticulitis. The lists of personal and medical improvements as a result of colon cleansing is long. Although results may vary from person to person, one thing everyone has in common is the health and longevity gained from a clean and properly functioning body.

Choosing an effective and well balanced cleansing program is the first and most important step to effective cleansing results. You will immediately notice the elimination of impacted waste and mucoid plaque. As this happens, toxins that have been stored in the body can be easily removed from the body. Supporting the cleanse with a healthy diet and regular exercise is a smart way to begin new habits, and will give the body added support in the rejuvenation that is taking place.

For those who have not cleansed before, it is highly recommended to cleanse for 60 to 90 days. The impacted wasted that may be removed varies from putrefied waste to mucoid plaque. Once the body starts eliminating waste, the stored toxins will have a way out. The cleanse should keep things moving, you may see parasites, they are quite common and can be found in numerous places: our drinking water, pets, and the foods we eat. Choose a program that covers all the areas of cleansing, this will give you the best results.