Kola Nut Berries extract– stimulant to central nervous system helps to metabolize the free fatty acids, increases energy, vasodilator

Yerba Mate Leaf– stimulant, suppresses appetite, tones nervous system, enhances synergistic effects of other herbs, fights free radicals, vasodilator, anti-aging effects, stimulates the mindGinkgo biloba Leaf-increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain, increases nerve cell transmission, improves concentration and alertness, potent antioxidant, helps lift depression

Wood Betony– best nervine herb, gently tones & strengthens the nervous system one of the best diaphoretics, calms hyperactivity

Beet Root Powder– referred to as a complete blood tonic, high in minerals & amino acids, increases the uptake of oxygen in the blood,

Eleuthro Root– adaptogen, tonic, increases energy, fights stress, builds stamina, endurance and overall body strength, stimulant for immune system

Bee Pollen– combats fatigue, builds stamina, contains protein, B-complex vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, and beneficial carbs.

Green Tea extract 50%– Combats mental fatigue, an antioxidant, promotes the burning of fat which is used for energy and promotes weight loss

Garlic– enhances immune system, antibiotic action, detoxifier to the system, improves circulation, lowers blood lipid levels, balances blood sugars, aids digestion

Cayenne– aids digestion, improves circulation, cardio-tonic, act as a catalyst for other herbs