A parasite is an organism that lives on or in other organisms where it obtains nutrients to live and causes harm to its host.you, me, our pets. There can be over 100 different types of parasites living in human bodies. Some are microscopic in size while others can be seen quite easily.

Roundwormsare the most common parasite and they look similar to an earthworm. They can produce 200,000 eggs daily. Approximately 1 billion people are infected worldwide. Pinworms infect one in five children. Symptoms are itching and irritation, digestive disorders, insomnia, irritability or nervousness. The female worms lay about 15,000 eggs per day and once airborne, the eggs can survive for two days just about anywhere. Pinworms are white and can grow to about half inch in length. Worldwide, about 500 million are infected with pinworms.

These organisms can be found everywhere in our environment. Parasites can be in the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food we eat. Parasites are responsible formany health problems because they secrete toxins and rob essential nutrients from our bodies. Those of us who are suffering from intestinal parasite infections are under-nourished and weak and may also suffer from viral, fungal, or bacteria infections. Human intestinal parasites can be present in any person, at any age, which is why cleansing your body is so important.

Humans create the perfect living environment for parasites when the bowel becomes slow and ineffective in the elimination of waste. This allows for the build-up of fecal material on the walls of the colon and provides ideal living conditions for parasites. The toxic build up of impacted waste is attributed to the low fiber content of the Standard American Diet in combination with the staggering amounts of junk food, over-processed foods and chemicals we consume on a daily basis.

Parasites are hard to detect

Living inside us, parasites are sly creatures and are rarely discovered. Infecting more than 90% of the population these menacing creatures compromise our health by wreaking havoc with our immune system and depriving us of vital nutrients. They are hard to detect and unfortunately most medical tests only catch around 20% of them. Testing for parasites is only available for about five percent of the known varieties with about twenty-percent accuracy. Detoxologie’s Cleansing Programs can help rid your body of these unwelcome guests

So, you don’t think you have parasites? … Think again!

Parasites are prevalent in our food, water supply, gardens, pets, the air and environment. Most of us think only of people in third world or developing countries when we think of parasites and we seldom even consider the thought that we may be infested ourselves.


Common symptoms:

  • fatigue/ anemia
  • diarrhea/constipation
  • boating / gas
  • weight gain
  • breakouts and rashes
  • trouble sleeping
  • weak immune system
  • digestive disorders

The vital importance of colon cleansing

Colon cleansing is crucial to good health. Make sure the body cleansing program you select includes an effective anti-parasitical. The Standard American Diet, artificial food additives, large amounts of refined sugars, saturated fats and junk food are all major contributors to poor elimination and the variety of intestinal conditions that plague so many of us. Parasites love sugary, starchy foods. Living in the impacted waste they help themselves to our food and reproduce at alarming rates.

Detoxologie’s Purify¬Æ is the number one anti-parasitical available today. Purify¬Æ is effective, safe, easy to use and specifically formulated to target parasitical infections.