Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the body. Yeasts are parasitic organisms that absorb our nutrients and produce toxic waste. Our bodies are supposed to have what is called “friendly bacteria” in our colon. They are part of our immune system and act as protective shields for our body , their main function is to keep bad bacteria from entering the body. However, Candida yeast can eventually evolve from a yeast form into a fungal form , very long, root-like structures called rhizoids that puncture the intestinal lining, leading to a condition called leaky gut syndrome. This creates holes in the digestive tract, allowing many foreign and toxic substances to pass into the bloodstream. When undigested food particles leak through these holes and enter the bloodstream, the body views them as foreign invaders and nutrient absorption can be cut in half. The candida organisms that pass through the blood stream have been found to produce over 70 known toxins that will poison and strain the major organs in the body , including the liver, kidneys, heart, colon, bladder, and central nervous system. The ability to absorb and digest the necessary nutrients from foods eaten is cut in half. Among the toxins produced is acetaldehyde, a poison that is converted by the liver into alcohol. As alcohol builds up in the system, symptoms associated with alcohol intoxication develop. This is why one of the most common symptoms of candida is brain fog.

Untreated symptoms can lead to various diseases.The body’s immune system may also respond to candida by-products and food molecules in the bloodstream with high histamine production. This in turn can result in classic symptoms of allergies and food intolerance’s; and if left untreated, can lead to diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s disease or colitis, diabetes, lupus, as well as various skin disorders. Symptoms of candida may also include a bloated stomach, tiredness, depression, anxiety, head and muscle aches, inability to concentrate, digestive problems, skin rashes, kidney/bladder infections, and blurred vision.

Candida creates chaos in the intestines resulting in lower digestion rate. Many people with candida digest less than 50% of their food, because the yeast overgrowth can create a digestive conflict that robs their bodies of nutrition. It is not surprising that candida sufferers are constantly hungry. Candida creates chaos in the intestines , traditional doctors have little or no answer to the causes of the resulting diseases and can use only medicines to treat them. All immunological weaknesses and infectious conditions are made worse by the presence of candida throughout the body. Also the foods on which candida thrives are a common part of the typical modern day diet , starchy, sugary, refined flours, and lots of carbohydrates. Sound familiar? Pizza, cookies, cakes, French fries, breads, crackers, cheese, fruit juices, coffee, tea, and alcohol are not only a favorite of your diet, but also of Candida’s too.

Most holistic experts agree that the alarming number of people who suffer from candida is due to the over-prescribed use of antibiotics, which kills not only the bacteria we want to get rid of, but also the good bacteria in the digestive tract. Other drugs that can upset the balance include anti-inflammatories, cortisone, and birth control pills. Poor diet (too many refined carbohydrates), stress, and nutrient deficiencies can also lead to an imbalance.

Where does colon cleansing fit into this picture?
Colon cleansing is a vital part of controlling and helping to eliminate candida overgrowth. It is very common to see separate programs for candida overgrowth and colon cleansing; but to really be effective, you must do both. It is more beneficial to begin an effective colon cleanse and start the elimination of waste that has built up in the colon. This will greatly increase the amount of toxins to be eliminated from the body and help rebalance the colon more efficiently. If you have a colon that is clogged with putrefied waste when you begin a candida program, where do you think the toxins are going to go? How can you absorb the proper nutrients from the foods you eat if the colon is full of partially digested food and mucoid waste? It really defeats the purpose.

Similarly, if you do not address your candida overgrowth when you start a colon cleanse, the candida overgrowth will not go away. You may cleanse the colon, but the flora balance in your gut will not be at a normal healthy level , you will still create and store the same toxins that you had before you started the cleanse.

Both the candida and colon-cleansing programs work hand in hand while helping one another to work more efficiently. If you do both separately, you risk not seeing the results you are looking for. Doing a colon-cleansing program will be your first step toward a cleaner healthier body , you can easily add a candida program to your colon cleanse and will benefit greatly from doing both simultaneously.

A total wellness approach is the best way to deal with both situations. Colon cleansing and candida programs work together well to free the body of impacted waste and toxins, and to begin restoring the healthy balance that is vital to your good health.

Success Stories:

“I used to suffer with yeast infections and really bad breakouts. I didn’t realize how bad my Candida Overgrowth really was. I thought my fatigue and sleepless nights was all in my head. I’m so thankful that I did your cleanse. My skin is looking better and better with each pasing month and I haven’t suffered with a yeast infection in almost 8 months. I have more concentration and clearer thinking. I just can’t believe how much better I feel. I did the full three months and decided to stay on Clear and Enhance I’m so happy I’m telling everyone about your products.” – Wendy T – NE.

“My social life was suffering because of my embarrassing gas and body odor. I was so depressed and humiliated I had really hit rock bottom. I started your program and within the first few weeks I started to see some positive results. All the gross stinky stuff that was coming out of my body was impacted toxins that had been in me for god knows long! I couldn’t believe that I had actually carried that stuff around in me for all these years. I actually have a bowel movement everyday now and my body odor and foul gas is totally gone. I can’t believe it. Your program cleaned me out and made me feel so much better. This is the only product that has worked for me – Thanks.” Todd H – Maui