Detoxification: The Cornerstone of Health

We could have picked any area of complementary medicine or herbal supplementation to work in so why did we start with detoxification?

When you consider that millions of Americans suffer from arthritis, migraine headaches, obesity, allergies, acid reflux disease, high cholesterol, heart problems, just to name a few, we could have introduced supplements to aid in any or all of these areas. So why did we start with detoxification? We started with detoxification because all of these problems have their roots in toxins and metatoxins and the debilities that result from not having a clean digestive system.

Let us look at the other aspects first. How many people do you know thatcomplainof constantly being tired? Even if they eat what would be considered a good diet they still don’t seem to have much real energy. So they turn to stimulants such as extra strong coffee or highly caffeinated soft drinks followed by sugar filled junk food just to make it thru the day. Could it be that they simply are not absorbing the nutrients from their food because of the toxic build-up on the intestinal wall?

When we don’t keep the digestive system clean and working properly we experience all to familiar but very vague symptoms that we often ignore, or just live with, until they develop into more severe illness. Symptoms such as frequent colds, allergies, hay fever, constantly feeling rundown, mental sluggishness, dry rough skin, coated tongue, bad breath, headache, moodiness and irritability, and feeling sick after eating food containing fats or simple carbohydrates, may indicate a debility of the body’s function and an inability to process food without any obvious indication of organ damage.

When you look at the average American diet of highly refined, over processed foods that are cooked, which finishes destroying any nutrient value, its no wonder that one out of two Americans suffers some form of chronic illness. We firmly believe that the only way we can change this scenario is to place a renewed emphasis on the critical need of maintaining a clean digestive system. We won’t wear dirty clothes, or eat off dirty dishes and we would never go to work with out clean hair and a shower. We keep every thing we can see as clean as possible, but we don’t think about what we can’t see-our own insides. Unfortunately what we can’t see can lead to serious illness or even death if left in an unclean state.

The saving grace is that our quality of life is determined by the choices we make every day, and it is in our power to choose to dramatically improve our own health. Simply by making better choices, and cleaning the results of poor choices, we can dramatically improve ourwell beingand state of health.

Most people want to focus on the foods that we eat but don’t consider that if youaren’tabsorbing the nutrition simply changing your diet won’t have much benefit. You should consider that your food is first ingested then needs to be digested followed by absorption and finally the waste must be eliminated. If any one of these steps fail to work properly the entire system fails.

We start by ingesting a diet low in fiber, high in refined sugar and bad fats, and then we consume overly large portions in a search for nutrition. When our food is over processed and then cooked the food enzymes are killed and we have a hard time digesting our food. When we eat the wrong foods and don’t have the digestive enzymes to break it down it is almost impossible to properly absorb the nutrient. This leads to poor elimination and an improperly working colon. Once this occurs our very health begins to deteriorate. We would suggest that in order to correct this scenario it is more important to address elimination first before you change your diet, the results will be much more dramatic and will lead to improvement faster than any other change.

Most people believe that one stool a day or even every day is normal and regular, but in fact a diet high in fiber and raw food will produce two to three bowel movements per day. When you eliminate waste this often you remove toxins rapidly before thy can become harmful. With a colon working this effectively the ability to absorb nutrition is greatly increased, and the need of such large volumes of food will be decreased. This will then make it easier to make better choices in our diet. By making sure that we have 35 grams of fiber in our diet we begin to make positive changes in our well being.

Most people think that once the colon is clean that should be enough but detoxification should not be limited to the colon. It is just as important to detoxify the liver, kidneys, arteries, and in general, every cell in the body. But the reason that internal cleansing must start with the colon is because if this region is kept unclean, it will infiltrate and there for contaminate every other part of the system.

Best Detox


  • Easy to use: Our program fits easily into your everyday life. A few minutes in the morning and a few minutes a night…that’s all it takes.
  • Stimulant free! Just about every program on the market today requires you to take dangerous and addictive stimulants such as Senna and Cascara sagrada.
  • No corners cut here! Our formulas are top notch! We use the right herbs for the right job. No inexpensive stimulants in place of quality ingredients.
  • No special diets or fasting. It’s a good idea to make better dietary choices but it’s not necessary.
  • One on one personal service. If you have questions or concerns or if you just need a little extra support don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.
  • No embarrassing bowel movements. Yes, you cleanse your body 24/7 with our products without the worry of being chained to the toilet.
  • Our unconditional money back guarantee. You’ll have peace of mind with our no questions asked money back guarantee.
  • Always free shipping

Detoxologie’s 30 day program encompasses the total body cleansing experience… Colon, vital organs, anti parasitical, skin detox and heavy metal toxin removal.

Just look how Detoxologie beats the competition.

Product Probiotics Anti-Parasitic Skin Detox Heavy
Metal Detox
Addictive Ingredients?
Detoxologie Deluxe Program Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Dr Natura Colonix + Toxin Out No Yes No Yes Yes
Blessed  Herbs No No No No Yes
Ultimate Colon Cleanse No Yes No No Yes
Puristat No No No No Yes
Dual Action Cleanse No No No No Yes


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Jean Howe has a Masters in Creative Writing and is passionate about supporting people in their health and wellness. Jean comes from an art background, she also has degrees from the Juilliard School of Music and Wellesley College, and is a former concert pianist, dancer, and martial artist. She has 10 years of writing experience for magazines, textbooks, journals, and newsletters. Her topics have been on major health and disease issues, holistic health, and connecting with one’s personal power. Jean is enthusiastic about her work and life and is devoted to igniting that inspiration in others through her writing.

Prior to her writing career, Jean performed on stage in Boston, New York, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It wasn’t until Jean had three surgeries within three years, that she became especially interested in the study of wellness. In March 2003, she could not see clearly out of her left eye. A visit to the ophthalmologist revealed a detached retina, which required emergency eye surgery. In November 2004, Jean had foot surgery to remove an advanced bunion; and in July 2005, she had a hip replacement to repair a sports injury. These surgeries ingrained in her the preciousness of life and her desire to be proactive about her physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Jean seeks to motivate others by writing about health topics, weight loss, immune boost, increased energy, are some of her favorite areas of research.

Jean currently lives in Denver and enjoys spending time with her husband, friends, hiking, sharing healthy meals, and playing with her mini-dachshunds.





Dr. Stephen Barrie is the author of 7-DayDetoxMiracle and founder of the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, advancing natural and integrative medicine around the world.

Dr. Stephen Barrie N.D. is an agent of change. In 1986 Dr. Barrie founded the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory to advance natural medicine and the scientific research of integrative medicine around the world. As an international lecturer and thought leader, he is instrumental in making integrative medicine a valuable part of modern western healthcare.

Dr. Barrie co-authored 7-DayDetoxMiracle, which the Los Angeles Times hailed as a safe and effective way to help people increase theirenergy. Dr. Barrie has also published numerous scientific articles in medical journals, such as The Lancet, Agents and Actions and Medical Hypothesis.

A resident of Malibu, California, Dr. Barrie uses the film medium to further inform, motivate, and change how people view their world and health.





Carina Ostebovik – Owner of Terra Yoga Studio, Certified Yoga instructor,




















Bob Nikkel – Formulator, herbalist, writer, health advocate.

Dr Hyla Cass

Hyla Cass M.D., is an expert in integrative medicine who has authored several books, including Natural Highs and 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health. A former Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA, Dr. Cass combines the best of leading-edge natural medicine with modern science in her clinical practice, writings, lectures and nationwide media appearances-most recently on ABC’s top-rated daytime show The View.

A member of the Medical Advisory Board of the Health Sciences Institute and Taste for Life magazine, and an Associate Editor at Total Health Magazine, Dr. Cass supports detoxification because once the body is cleansed and functioning more efficiently, it will absorb more nutrients from foods, allowing users to finally side-step unproductive health habits, such as destructive cravings for “bad” carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Dr. Cass partnered with to draw attention to the positive benefits of preventive health care and internal cleansing. Dr. Cass explains:

“As a practicing physician, experience has taught me that prevention is the best method for health maintenance. Since the digestive system is the first entryway for many toxins and pathogens (such as bacteria and parasites), regular detoxification is a normal, natural, and necessary part of daily well-being and health maintenance. Because of this, detoxification should be done on a consistent basis, and supported by ongoing efforts through diet and supplementation. I find Detoxologie to be one of the most comprehensive and effective colon cleansing programs available.”

Detoxologie’s Philosophies, and Manufacturing Practices

Why our formulas are best

Many people turn to herbs with new direction and focus. Longevity, quality of life and over all health is of the utmost importance. Detoxologie is committed to helping people achieve this goal. Detoxification and its procedures are not familiar to most. Many are suffering with health issues caused by the heavy burdens that toxins can place on the body and don’t even know it.

Today we live in a society that is illness based instead of wellness based. People have gotten away from the most important part of living a healthy life, taking care of your yourself , getting enough exercise, caring for your emotional health, being aware of where your food comes from, how it is prepared, what’s in it.

We at Detoxologie are committed to helping people get back to a healthier state of body and mind, and maintain it. Our herbal formulas can be integrated into your daily life with ease, enhancing and assisting the body’s own ability to strengthen and balance itself. Thru the supplements we have formulated and the informative topics we discuss, you can feel 100% confident that we have researched and developed the highest quality products available to date always supporting the philosophy of wellness as a way of life. Our processing and manufacturing procedures reflect the philosophies we feel so strongly about.

Our master herbalist and has been formulating and manufacturing herbal supplements for over 35 years. His vast knowledge of the human body, its functions and how herbs can assist in healthy body function is quite extensive. Chinese, Ayduveric, Native American, and European herbal Pharmacology are combined with hands on experience. The formulations that we use are made under his supervision and the strict manufacturing processes he has perfected.

  • Euro-Process Our Euro-Processing technique combines intensive quality control procedures. Reliable suppliers to ensure ingredient integrity, international sourcing through reputable importers and local brokers. Multi-phase ingredient screening and a seven step quality control process ensures purity while each item is being screened, sifted, and milled.
  • Euro-Bonding precision blending. Ingredients which have made it this far are accepted for inclusion in a product formulation. Unlike many botanical companies who simply mill and tablet or encapsulate their supplements. We hand blend at high speeds in small quantities. Producing none of the destructive heat that large blenders do. This process also ensures a more uniform blend of the ingredients used, creating a more precise and pure product to ensure your total satisfaction.

Our products really work! When taken consistently for a period of time, you will see results. Let us help you reach your health goals. Detoxification is the first and most important step you must take to reach any improved state of health.

More energy, a stronger immune system, mental clarity, improved emotional balance an all over improved state of health is just a phone call away. Let us help you help yourself.

Good Manufacturing Practices Detoxologie guarantee gluten free

Internal Cleansing Leaders

Chances are you are reading this because you have concerns and questions about toxins and cleansing your body. The modern-day lifestyle subjects our body on a daily basis to countless pollutants and toxins. Air pollution, chemicals in drinking water, poor quality, over-processed, over-refined foods that are full of chemicals and preservatives all contribute to toxic buildup in the human body. These toxins can cause serious illness, which can ultimately lead to death. Practicing a proper cleansing routine is crucial to your good health.

A leading provider of internal cleansing products for almost 2 decades, the owners of is constantly meeting the ever growing needs of the population that values vitality and pro-active health.

“Not only are we at the forefront of internal cleansing and detoxification, we offer nutritional supplements for men’s and women’s overall health and wellness. These products are complemented by condition-specific formulas targeting such areas as parasite infection, weight loss, increased energy, kids health, memory enhancement, digestive health and much, much more! Hundreds of thousands of satisfied consumers are a testament to the dedication and value of the purity, potency and quality of our products.”

Waste elimination is a subject that no one likes to talk about. Some find it embarrassing, a taboo topic that is kept behind closed doors. Unfortunately proper colon care has been forgotten or pushed aside. The truth is that waste elimination is incorporated into all of our daily lives. We are constantly cleaning up and throwing out. We understand that a clean environment is more healthy and productive. We put aside time on a daily basis to bathe and clean our bodies, but how often does the average person take the time to internally cleanse their body? Our health is our most valuable asset. Our lives depend on the care and treatment of the bodies we live in. Health is not sold in any store or prescribed by any doctor. Self-discipline and moderate sacrifice are critical to preventative healthcare, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

How to choose the right Cleanse for you

A good rule of thumb for a thorough and effective body cleansing is to focus on what your expectations are and your individual health needs. There are various types of cleansing techniques and programs some have been around for centuries, while others are new. The basic core of all cleansing methods is to rid the body of unwanted toxins and impacted waste to improve health, body function by relieving the suffering of various health condition and symptoms. Look closely at your choices and weigh the pros and cons of each and every option you are considering.

  • Colonics, sometimes called colonic irrigation is popular among those who desire instant results but this is not so. You must prepare your body for the colonic at least two weeks ahead of time to loosen any putrefied waste residing in the colon. This involves fasting and taking numerous supplements and a large intake of water, while having daily enemas. Without this prep you are only “cleansing” your colon of your next bowel movement. You also risk damage to the colon wall and exposure to harmful bacteria via the instruments used to administer the colonic
  • Fasting with water, juice or broths is popular for those looking to lose weight fast and cleanse vital organs at a faster pace. This can be an effective way to cleanse if you have the discipline to stay with it for 10 days or more and endure hunger pains, headaches and multiple trips to the toilet on a daily basis. This technique tends to come and go in fad’s and can be very harsh and even damaging on your digestive system.
  • Colon cleansing and natural body detoxification programs comes in a variety of different programs. There are tinctures, fiber drinks and a multitude of formulas to choose fromWhich ones should you stay away from and which one is best for you? It can be very confusing!

What is the best way to choose a colon cleanse?

Avoid harsh or harmful herbs such as wormwood, which is on the FDA watch list. It can cause hallucinations, nausea and mood swings. Natural stimulants such as Senna, magnesium, and Cascara Sagrada are three of the most popular stimulant additives companies use to stimulate the colon. While this is okay to do on occasion, daily use that exceeds 7 days is considered dangerous and it can lead to addiction, these are also on the FDA watch list. Using these stimulants allows manufacturers to cut corners on healthier aggravants (cleansers) and costly herbs that naturally promote the body’s cleansing process. Adding a stimulant gives the customer the idea they are cleansing. A total body cleanse should be effective yet gentle, working with the body and encouraging its own cleansing process not aggressively causing diarrhea, bloating and chaining you to the toilet. Don’t be fooled by products that cause aggressive reactions, most are nothing more than herbal laxatives. A body cleanse encompasses all vital organs and should not cause trauma to the colon or any other vital organs.

Stay clear of products with artificial ingredients and fillers, this defeats the purpose of cleansing doesn’t it?

What to Look for when choosing a colon cleansing program

High quality ingredients that are organic or wild-crafted, customer support from knowledgeable experts not a call center. A complete program that targets all areas of the body; colon, vital organs (liver, kidneys, blood, the skin, etc) as well as providing an effective parasite formula and super green formula for vital nutrients and heavy metal toxin removal. Ongoing wellness support in the form of newsletters, resource centers and up to date articles.

What are you goals when cleansing?

Are you looking for a colon cleanse, an individual parasite cleanse, or vital organ cleanse? Keep in mind that you should always go with a total body cleanse unless you are a frequent cleanser and you are looking to target a certain problem area on occasion. It’s important to always start with a clean colon. Once the passage for elimination is clear then you can focus on other areas of concern, if your colon has not been properly cleansed the toxins released by any vital organ cleanse will not have a proper way out and they will just circulate and continue to settle in your body. So with this in mind always start with a clean colon.

Why choose Detoxologie?

The Detoxologie 30 day cleansing programs and products have been formulated by experts in the body cleansing and naturopathic field with more than 25 years experience. This is all we do and all we have ever done. No harsh stimulants, artificial ingredients and no potentially harmful herbs.We’vedone all the work. We have perfected the art of cleansing and made it easy for people to choose from variety of different programs and products.

We stand by our good name, with our guarantee and personal customer support. We are honest and straight forward with who we are and what we sell. No fake awards just high quality products, 100% authentic testimonials.Body cleansing is the foundation of wellness and preventative health care. Our programs have been formulated to provide you with the most effective results.


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