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Jean Howe has a Masters in Creative Writing and is passionate about supporting people in their health and wellness. Jean comes from an art background, she also has degrees from the Juilliard School of Music and Wellesley College, and is a former concert pianist, dancer, and martial artist. She has 10 years of writing experience for magazines, textbooks, journals, and newsletters. Her topics have been on major health and disease issues, holistic health, and connecting with one’s personal power. Jean is enthusiastic about her work and life and is devoted to igniting that inspiration in others through her writing.

Prior to her writing career, Jean performed on stage in Boston, New York, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It wasn’t until Jean had three surgeries within three years, that she became especially interested in the study of wellness. In March 2003, she could not see clearly out of her left eye. A visit to the ophthalmologist revealed a detached retina, which required emergency eye surgery. In November 2004, Jean had foot surgery to remove an advanced bunion; and in July 2005, she had a hip replacement to repair a sports injury. These surgeries ingrained in her the preciousness of life and her desire to be proactive about her physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Jean seeks to motivate others by writing about health topics, weight loss, immune boost, increased energy, are some of her favorite areas of research.

Jean currently lives in Denver and enjoys spending time with her husband, friends, hiking, sharing healthy meals, and playing with her mini-dachshunds.





Dr. Stephen Barrie is the author of 7-DayDetoxMiracle and founder of the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, advancing natural and integrative medicine around the world.

Dr. Stephen Barrie N.D. is an agent of change. In 1986 Dr. Barrie founded the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory to advance natural medicine and the scientific research of integrative medicine around the world. As an international lecturer and thought leader, he is instrumental in making integrative medicine a valuable part of modern western healthcare.

Dr. Barrie co-authored 7-DayDetoxMiracle, which the Los Angeles Times hailed as a safe and effective way to help people increase theirenergy. Dr. Barrie has also published numerous scientific articles in medical journals, such as The Lancet, Agents and Actions and Medical Hypothesis.

A resident of Malibu, California, Dr. Barrie uses the film medium to further inform, motivate, and change how people view their world and health.





Carina Ostebovik – Owner of Terra Yoga Studio, Certified Yoga instructor,




















Bob Nikkel – Formulator, herbalist, writer, health advocate.