“I have been taking Clear and Support for Women for the past three months, and I feel much more energetic and healthy.”

– Laurie, Lakewood, CO

Eating Healthy

“My wife and I both really enjoyed the program. We are very passionate about exercise and eating healthy. We are skeptics but I was attracted to the sophisticated blend of herbs and unique processing. The results were fantastic. We increased our lifting at the gym and our energy levels went way up. We will be back again.”

– Bill G. Denver, CO

Internal Detox

“I’m a young mother of two. I am currently on day 20 of your program and I can’t believe the results that I’m getting. I feel so much better when I wake up in the mornings, instead of being sluggish and tired I feel rested and ready to go.”

– Erin G. Chicago, IL

Natural Cleansing

natural_cleansing“Clear took three days to work for me. Initially, I was thinking it tasted good but really didn’t do anything for my system. Well I was wrong; it started working and has been working great for months (with no cramping). My husband and three kids have started your 30 Day Cleansing Program and are getting fabulous results. I have a lot of confidence when recommending your products to others.”

-The Bresnia Family, Milwaukee, WI

Irritable Bowel Disorder

“Your product has totally changed my life. I’m 55 years old and I feel like I did when I was 40! I have had IBS for the past 10 years. The suffering that I have been through has been exhausting and traumatic at times. I never thought that I would live a normal life again until I tried your program. I am 2 1/2 months into the program for the second time this year. I cannot begin to tell you all the horrible things that I have seen come out of me on both occasions. I had headaches off and on for the first two weeks and I did a lot of sweating and I also had terrible gas. I have passed paper thin things that I’m assuming were parasites. Now it’s all gone and I’m feeling better and better each day. I am not bloated anymore and I have lost 15 lbs total. Best of all I have not had any more attacks of IBS. I tell everyone about your colon cleansing products. They really do work! I’ll be back for my third cleanse for sure.”

– Lucy North Carolina


“My husband and I both decided to try your product together. I was recently diagnosed with IBS and my husband has chronic constipation. After only one week on your program we both are already feeling better, my stomach is flatter and I don’t have the gas that I used to have. My husband is already using the bathroom on a daily basis instead of every 4 or 5 days. The Enhance product is really wonderful you can really feel the difference, we are both more energetic and we feel more rested. My husband loves the Promote product. We will keep you posted on our progress. We have two and a half months to go. We are so grateful that we found you.”

– Virginia, Nebraska

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“I’ve tried a few cleansing products in the past and wasn’t successful in finding the ‘Right Stuff’ for cleansing my system. However, I’m happy to let your company know that after years of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, hemorrhoids and just general aches and pains, I have regained my energy level and my aches and pains are gone! I am so grateful to have found your products, and know that I will sing your praises forever! I passed through your thirty day cleanse expelling some ugly debris and knew finally I had found the ‘Right Stuff’. The overhaul has been unbelievable. I am continuing with your maintenance program. My sincere thanks and keep the great products flowing.”

– Jess G.

Quick Detox

“My wife is the kind of gal who will see some sort of diet or health-fad infomercial and bring it home to try, no matter what it is. A while back she brought home your 30 Day Program, swearing it would really clean out my system and make me feel younger. To my surprise, it worked. I have never felt better and even feel younger. Thanks a lot! You guys aren’t just another fad. I would definitely recommend your products to everyone. Thanks for the help!”

– Michael, Parker, Co


“I have suffered with IBS since I was in middle school. It has been a very embarrassing and painfully debilitating disease. I have spent countless days at home and at the doctor and have had painful and humiliating symptoms such as lack of energy, hemorrhoids, bloating and pain in the stomach, the list goes on. After years of my parents begging me to do a cleanse and to change my diet I finally gave in. It has truly been a life changing experience. Everyone around me has noticed the difference, I have more energy, my stomach is flatter and I’m no longer in pain. I don’t dread the bathroom anymore. I now take the Maintain product every morning to help keep me regular and I plan to do that cleanse twice a year. I have also noticed that the supplements that I have been taking all along are now actually working!! I can’t believe that I was so stupid that I let myself suffer for so long especially when my parents were trying to help me. Now I want to share my story with everyone that will listen.”

– Hailey, Phoenix, AZ

Internal Cleanse

“I have always been kind of a health nut. I exercise regularly and try to eat healthily. I don’t want to go into graphic detail, so lets just say I was surprised by what came out of me while I was using your cleansing program.”

– Carolyn, Albuquerque, MM