Body Cleanse

“I’ve been playing football since I was seven years old and I love it. Most people don’t realize the amount of sacrifice that’s involved to become a good player. The training, the practice, the weight room, the studying. Being a good student athlete is really hard work. I have had the privilege of taking the Detoxologie line of supplements for the past two seasons. I believe these products have helped me with my weight lifting, my stamina, and my concentration. My coach was so impressed that he recommends Detoxologie products to the other players on our team.”

– Kenny


Brad PyattBrad Pyatt, wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, is the first to admit that just being physically strong didn’t make him healthy. After taking our total body cleansing system, he had this to say:

“When it was first suggested that I detox my body, I was very skeptical. I am a professional football player and in peak physical condition. Within just a few days of starting the Detoxologie 30-Day Program, I felt a whole new level of energy and alertness. I am not skeptical anymore and am enthusiastically recommending Detoxologie to my friends and team mates.”

Athlete Detoxification

beau gertz

“Within one week of starting Detoxologie’s 30 day program I had as much as a fifty pound increase on core lifts. Prior to detoxifying I was happy with making five pound increases monthly.” ~ Beau Gertz, Strongman Competitor in Orange County, California